Petrol Stations Michalon, France – Petrol additive for car

Petrol Stations Michalon uses XBEE petrol additive for car

Michalon was created in 1977 with a car repair activity in Saint-Bonnet le Château. The company continued its development in 1990, as a result, since that year it has marketed fuels with a service station and domestic fuel delivery.

Michalon has maintained its willingness to offer efficient fuels with less environmental impact. That is why they have decided to use XBEE Natural fuel technology in their new gas stations.

They now commercialize XBEE gasoline (95 & 95E85), XBEE diesel and XBEE heating oil.

“We had a truck consuming about 28 lt/100 km and it fell down to 25-26 liters! We invite everyone in our region to come and test XBEE fuels. They will observe the reductions of fuel consumption and, as a consequence of this reduced fuel consumption, the positive impact on the environment”. Jean-François Michalon, Manager of Michelon petrol stations.

Petrol stations Michalon use Natural fuel technology

The Michalon gas stations are wearing the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology colors and logo for years

Jean-François Michalon – Manager of Michalon Stations, described the importance of offering fuels with XBEE petrol additive for car instead of traditional chemical additives:

“The feedback from our customers is more than interesting: reductions of fuel consumption, cleaning and maintenance of the filters, and elimination of condensation problems, consequently a better performance during winter”.

“We distribute XBEE fuels in our two gas-stations for the past five years. We also propose standard diesel… but the ratio of XBEE fuels has clearly increased. Nowadays, all our vehicles are using XBEE diesel, in particular our delivery trucks, and the fuel consumption has significantly improved”.

“Taking into account the benefits we observed in our petrol stations, we consider to expand our partnership with XBEE and treat the fuels we deliver to companies and private consumers”.

XBEE is a very satisfying experience for us! Hence, our partnership with XBEE, without any doubt, should continue for years…”


Petrol Stations Michalon

Saint Bonnet le Château, France