Agricultural tractors reduce diesel consumption with XBEE and increase power, France

Lionel Mesnage, agronomy consultant, recommends to farmers the use of XBEE in their off-road gasoil. Jean-Paul le Rall, from the...
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Concert Pig Breeding, France – Diesel fuel additive for tractors

Concert Pig Breeding uses XBEE diesel fuel additive for tractors Concert agricultural holding cultivates 150 acres in northern Britain. Pascal...
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ETA Marchand, France – Diesel fuel filter cleaner

ETA Marchand uses XBEE diesel fuel filter cleaner The agricultural company, ETA Marchand – located in Mayenne, France – offers...
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CUMA, France – Diesel fuel saver

CUMA uses diesel fuel saver XBEE The AILE (Association of Local Initiatives for Energy and the Environment) passed two Deutz...
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