Fishing industry

Surface longliner reduces operations costs with XBEE, Spain

Justo Eijo is the owner of the fishing boat Siempre Bella Vista and has used XBEE since 2009. Her consumption...
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NovaNam trawlers use XBEE diesel, Namibia

The company NovaNam, belonging to Nueva Pescanova group, treats its gasoil with XBEE Manuel Nuñez, Superintendent at NovaNam, explains the...
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Fishing boats in Lakes Entrance, Australia

Commercial fishing companies improve their fuel with XBEE Fishing companies based in Lakes Entrance, Australia, chose to treat their fuel...
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Merchant Union distributes the best diesel fuel treatment in Spain

Merchant Union SL Merchant Union has made the decision to distribute the best diesel fuel treatment to the entire maritime...
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Fishing Trawlers in Urk, the Netherlands

Fishing Trawlers ChangeXL fuels powered by the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology are distributed by Gulf in the Netherlands to dozens...
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Frigorificos del Morrazo, Spain – Marine fuel injector cleaner

Frigorificos del Morrazo uses XBEE marine fuel injector cleaner Frigorificos del Morrazo group, located in Balea, Spain, manages Nova Seafish...
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