Veolia Transport – Flobecq, Belgium

Veolia Transport uses XBEE diesel tank treatment

In June 2008, Mr. Luc Geenens discovered the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology for the first time.

He obviously has been interested at once by the numerous benefits offered by the regular use of XBEE and is also ready to believe in the several testimonies from French branches of the Veolia Transport group. So, he decided to check by himself the technical, economical, and ecological benefits he could expect from biotechnology.

The Veolia Transport Flobecq (Veolia operates some De Lijn routes under contract) fleet is composed of 80 vehicles and uses XBEE diesel tank treatment since July 2008. The first noticed advantage is of course that no technical incident had to be reported since then.

Moreover, the regular use of XBEE allows Luc Geenens to reduce the CO2 emissions of his fleet by 207 tons per year. This great advantage becoming very important nowadays and that has been reported to the local communities.

Veolia Transport

Flobecq, Belgium