Ferry boats

French ferry reduces both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption on a diesel generator

As part of its ongoing research into technological advances that reduce airborne emissions, a maritime company in charge of operating...
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Mediterranea Pitiusa (Trasmapi) has used XBEE since 2010 to clean up diesel

Founded in 2000, the company Mediterranea Pitiusa operates a ferry service (Lineas Express and Lineas Jet) between the islands of...
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Brittany Ferries reducing carbon footprint

In the early 2000s, the IMO set in place restrictions on the sulfur content of heavy fuel oils used by...
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CMN ferry reducing polluting gas emissions with XBEE Heavy Fuel Oil 380

The International Maritime Organization wanted to regulate the sulphur content of heavy fuel oils used by ships early in the...
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Eliminating combustion problems with XBEE enzymes

April 2003. Wärtsilä France decided to evaluate the curative properties of XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology. The ship Pierre Loti had...
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