French ferry reduces both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption on a diesel generator

As part of its ongoing research into technological advances that reduce airborne emissions, a maritime company in charge of operating...
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ChangeXL powered by XBEE reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

In February 2018, the Dutch fuel supplier FinCo Fuel introduces a new fuel called ChangeXL powered by XBEE.
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Letter of no objection by Wärtsilä Finland Oy

The head of Fluids Technology of the Wärtsilä Group, Kai Juoperi, demanded an analysis of pure XBEE to prove the...
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XBEE composition analysis by Veritas Petroleum Services (DNV – VPS)

VPS is considered as one of the world’s leading fuel testing companies, testing to ISO 8217, with full ISO 17025...
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Reducing gas emissions and improving fuel consumption in gasoline E10

California Environmental Engineering, LLC. is an emissions laboratory committed to product development and service enhancement. It is an institution that...
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Reduction of fuel consumption and gas emissions with Navigasa in Spain

The shipping company Naviera de Galicia S.A. operates three cargo vessels: the M/V Mandeo and the sisterships M/V Finita R...
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