Trucking & Mining

Excavators and trucks clean diesel oil filters, injectors and fuel pumps

Denexco was founded in 2003 and initially specialized in excavation and landscaping works.
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Agricultural tractors reduce diesel consumption with XBEE and increase power

Lionel Mesnage, agronomy consultant, recommends to farmers the use of XBEE in their off-road gasoil.
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Industrial Metal Recyclers’ trucks and heavy machinery, Australia

Arthur Cunningham runs the company Industrial Metal Recyclers and uses XBEE in all personal vehicles, road transport trucks and heavy...
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Kübler Spedition heavy trucks reduce fuel consumption by more than 5%

Kübler Spedition use XBEE diesel in their thirty heavy duty trucks to reduce fuel consumption.
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Rallu achieve to reduce fuel consumption with XBEE

Rallu was a transport company founded in 1870; it has a fleet of 70 trucks and about 100 employees spread...
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Destrudata, France

Destrudata was established in 2004. It specializes in the destruction of confidential documents using shredding trucks at its clients’ facilities.
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