XBEE lexicon

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is a very to easy to use product to treat all types of fuels, from diesel...
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Extending the service life of engines

Following the demonstration made by XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology of its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in late 2006...
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XBEE is available in Australia

Shane Quaintmere is located in Paynesville, along the beautiful coast of Victoria in Australia.
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XBEE enzyme technical support

The science behind XBEE enzymes catalysis can be quite complex, even though its empirical consequences are very easy to observe....
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Eliminating microparticles in diesel with XBEE fuel treatment

On August 22, 2016, Intertek Hamilton in Ontario, Canada tested XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to measure the impact of its...
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XBEE x EcoTree: supporting beekeepers and creating new colonies

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology partnered with EcoTree to help and presere biodiversity
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