Public transportation

Venet Voyages reduces CO2 emissions every year thanks to XBEE

Back in 2017, Richard Venet chose XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to treat the diesel of his entire fleet of motor...
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Vincent Bobet motorcoaches, France

Vincent Bobet motorcoaches have more than 35 years of experience in the passenger transport industry.
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Fleet of buses reduces fuel consumption in Sevilla, Spain

Transportes Urbanos de Sevilla – TUSSAM, used to operate a fleet of 237 Euro III and Euro IV diesel buses.
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Autocars de Polder use XBEE technology to reduce CO2 emission

Autocars De Polder and Autobus De Polder together add up to a fleet of 180 vehicles, all well-known bus manufacturers...
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Transdev STAO formerly Veolia Transport uses XBEE to clean fuel storage tank

On 10 January 2003, Mr. Alain Delaunay, director of the Laval city bus network – STAO – and Mr. Daniel...
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Veolia Transport buses reduce CO2 and NOx emissions

Back in 2005, Veolia Transport was in charge of several public transport networks in France, including the company CTS that...
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