Venet Voyages reduces CO2 emissions every year thanks to XBEE

Back in 2017, Richard Venet chose XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to treat the diesel of his entire fleet of motor...
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Preventive maintenance and reduction of gas emissions of the BBTM fleet

Following the recommendation of Somara in Martinique, Benjamin Bon (CEO BBTM) decided to contact XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology and choose...
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Excavators and trucks clean diesel oil filters, injectors and fuel pumps

Denexco was founded in 2003 and initially specialized in excavation and landscaping works.
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ChangeXL powered by XBEE reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

In February 2018, the Dutch fuel supplier FinCo Fuel introduces a new fuel called ChangeXL powered by XBEE.
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The Mauna Kea motor barge uses XBEE in her Mitsubishi engine to eliminate black smoke

Eric de Raeve is the owner of the river transport boat Mauna Kea, based in Belgium. Following continuous problems with...
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Surface longliner reduces operations costs with XBEE

Justo Eijo is the owner of the fishing boat Siempre Bella Vista and has used XBEE since 2009.
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