Venet Voyages reduces CO2 emissions every year thanks to XBEE

Back in 2017, Richard Venet chose XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology to treat the diesel of his entire fleet of motor coaches.

Venet Voyages‘ fleet is composed of about fifty vehicles, mostly Setra brand coaches. The initial objective was to eliminate contamination in diesel. This is more and more frequent since the elimination of sulphur on the one hand and the addition of FAME (biodiesel) on the other hand. XBEE enzymes naturally solved the problem very quickly.

Sometimes we have bacteria problems with vehicles that fill up outside, but we have no problems with our storage tank since we have been using XBEE.

Richard VenetCEO

To overcome the problem, each vehicle is equipped with a bottle of XBEE when driving far from base, and a sticker has been added on each tank flap so as not to forget the dose of XBEE. Moreover, beyond reductions in fuel consumption, and reduction of maintenance costs, the treatment of all diesel oil consumed by the fleet with XBEE has also been motivated by the environmental commitment of the company.