XBEE is available in Australia

Shane Quaintmere is located in Paynesville, along the beautiful coast of Victoria in Australia.

Years ago, the well established company Advanced Marine Diesel Services understood how to perfectly apply the famous saying: “better be safe than sorry”!

Although Shane Quaintmere is a very efficient and reliable mechanics, he knows that a client is happier when all technical problems are prevented rather than fixed. This is the reason why he chose to distribute XBEE and advise his customers to treat their fuel with our unique enzyme technology.

Thanks to Advanced Marine Diesel Services, Australian bussinesses can enjoy the benefits of XBEE and some of them did not wait long to share their experience with us, as you can see in the interviews they granted us here below.

If you have the chance to live in this great region of the world and want to know more about XBEE, please feel free to reach our official distributor:

Advanced Marine Diesel Services
Unit 5 c/o Gippsland Ports
Slip Road
Paynesville VIC 3880

Shane Quaintmere
T. +61 (0)439 826 850

E. shane.quaintmere@xbee.com.au