CEC Official engine tests

CEC conducted official engine tests with XBEE diesel injector cleaner

CEC develops procedures for testing the performance of fuels, lubricants and other fluids. The European organization is an international reference, endorsed by more than 50 car manufacturers, gas stations and oil companies.

cec test XBEE diesel injector cleaner


1 – Diesel engines

For diesel engines, the CEC F-23-A-01 procedure checks the formation of deposits on the injectors of an indirect injection diesel engine (PSA Peugeot XUD9 – A/L 4-cylinder – 1.9 l).

These two consecutive tests were carried out by the English laboratory Prodrive on July 17 and 18, 2005 under the supervision of Garry Polkinghorne.

The level of coking of the nozzles must be between 85% and 95%, so as to be officially recognized by the companies listed below. This 10 hour test using a severe scale calibration test fuel demonstrates that, XBEE diesel injector cleaner will not cause additional deposits on the injectors, ensuring that treatment of the fuel with XBEE will not compromise international fuel specifications.


2 – Gasoline engines

The CEC procedure F-05-A-93 evaluates the formation of carbon deposits on intake valves of an injection gasoline engine (Mercedes-Benz M102.982 – 4 cylinders – 4 stroke – 2.3 l); the engine is fitted with Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection equipment.

Like the first test, this one has been carried out by the English laboratory Prodrive on July 22, 2005 under the same control.

The level of deposits on the inlet valve must be between 4.5 (extremely heavy) and 10 (clean); it can thus be officially recognized by the professional associations below: XBEE Technology makes fuel at 8.07 in only 60 hours, i.e. 287 mg on average (lowest at 215 mg) against 314.25 mg for the same fuel in the same engine without XBEE.




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