Clean Fuel Resources LLC

XBEE enzyme technical support

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology uses a unique formula based on plant-derived enzymes. The results: cleaner fuels and more efficient combustion, has been demonstrated in dozens of laboratory tests. Occasionally the results are jaw-dropping to those familiar with conventional fuel additive chemistries.

Emissions testing on modern engines, especially on working ships, is complex. We often run test results past our XBEE Enzymes expert, Matthew Cohen, to get his input on how better to answer any questions our clients may have. Many just want a better comprehension of enzyme technology to understand the amazing data they see from their own engines.

Matthew Cohen is the owner of Clean Fuel Resources LLC, a California-based consulting firm that provides marketing and technical support to the XBEE enzyme fuel treatment manufacturer and distributors.

Matthew has spent over 40 years introducing novel technologies that improve personnel and environmental safety in the chemical industry having specialized in the mining, refining, and fleet maintenance industries.

In 1997, Matthew was introduced to a unique enzyme-based combustion catalyst for liquid fuels derived from plants. He was instrumental in the commercialization of the technology that today is used in our globally recognized brand. Matthew worked directly with the inventors of this unique fuel technology, and to this day he still represents their biotech company.