CUMA, France – Diesel fuel saver

CUMA uses diesel fuel saver XBEE

The AILE (Association of Local Initiatives for Energy and the Environment) passed two Deutz Agrotron 110 and 120 Mk3 tractors through its bank on November 23, 2002, at CUMA (cooperatives for used agricultural equipment) in Pleyber Christ, of which Louis Laurent is president.

From that date, these two tractors have been treated non-stop with the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology.

On May 22, 2003 _ exactly six months of treatment later _, these same tractors were studied on the same AILE bench.

CUMA used XBEE diesel fuel saver

Deutz Agrotron 110
(3,710 hours) DIN Power 85.0 kW / 115.6 Hp:

  1. Power increased from 115.9 Hp to 125.9 Hp (+8.63%)
  2. Hourly consumption unchanged with 22.5 Lt/h
  3. Specific consumption reduced from 226 g/kWh to 207 g/kWh (-8.40%)

Deutz Agrotron 120
Mk3 (2,500 hours) DIN Power 88.0 kW / 119.7 Hp:

  1. Power increased from 119.1 Hp to 121.5 Hp (+2%)
  2. Hourly consumption decreased from 27 to 22.5 Lt/h (-12%)
  3. Specific consumption decreased from 273 g/kWh to 234 g/kWh (-14.28%)

Measurements verify XBEE diesel fuel saver efficiency

Measures on the test bench
Deutz Agrotron 110
Power increase (+8,63%)
Same hourly consumption
Decrease in specific consumption (-8,4%)
Measures on the test bench
Deutz Agrotron 120
Power increase (+2%)
Decrease in hourly consumption (-12%)
Decrease in hourly consumption (-14,28%)

After 6 months of operation using the XBEE diesel fuel saver, excellent results were obtained: increased engine power and fuel efficiency.



Pleyber Christ, France