HHPI diesel locomotives reduce soot emissions and fuel consumption with XBEE

HHPI · Heavy Haul Power International, Germany – Soot emissions test

The private railway company Heavy Haul Power International transports large quantities of bulk material by rail.

Although this type of transportation is already one of the greenest, HHPI constantly seeks and introduces new initiatives to find and leverage additional improvements for the health of people and the environment.

As part of these activities, HHPI put the enzyme fuel additive through its paces to explore the potential for soot emissions improvement. Over a period of four months, XBEE was used in a heavy freight locomotive, a Class 66.

Before and after the use of XBEE, exhaust emission tests were performed in Bremen with the help of SGS TÜV Saar and Deutschen Bahn AG.

Description of the test locomotive

 EMD diesel locomotive Class 66. The locomotive has a 12-cylinder two-stroke V-engine with turbocharging with 2,420 kW (3,245 hp).

The three-phase alternator EM AR8/- CA6 feeds six electrical nose-suspension motors, one on each axis.

Summary of the parameters and results of the XBEE tests

1 · Date of measurements

→ The first measurement (without XBEE) 23 Oct 2013
→ Second measurement (with XBEE) 26 Feb 2014

2 · Parameter of the testing period

→ Fuel: diesel in compliance with EN 590
→ Mileage during the test: 20,600 km
→ Running hours: 1,015 hours

Reduction of soot emissions by up to 38%

Measurement results:

→ Reduction of soot by up to 38%
→ Reduction of consumption by 6.5%, measuring power output

Further observations by HHPI:

→ Engine runs more quietly
→ The engine has better performances
→ Reduced noise in the driver’s cab
→ Improved lube oil values

Following these great results showed by the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, the product is used in the daily operation at HHPI and has been extended to the whole fleet.