Power Rail GmbH clean their locomotives injectors with XBEE diesel cleaner

Power Rail GmbH uses XBEE fuel injector cleaner diesel.

Power Rail started using XBEE fuel injector cleaner diesel to fuel their rail locomotives. After a few short weeks, they could see the difference that the XBEE treatment made.

Diesel locomotives treated with XBEE
Improvements after almost two years of continuously using XBEE fuel injector cleaner

“There were several, very visible, and comprehensible changes. We were able to detect most of the changes within a very short time, within a few weeks.”

Specifically, there are four benefits of using XBEE in the daily operation of our BR218 locomotives.
  1. Visible smoke plumes have almost disappeared, fading to a simple heat haze.
  2. Fuel filters were changed last time in February 2018. These are still in prime clean condition until today (February 2019).
  3. Fuel consumption is reduced by about 7%.
  4. Monitoring glasses on the tank were yellowish before starting the XBEE treatment and are now clear and free of deposits.
Fuel consumption is reduced by 7%
Does power rail recommend other railway companies use the XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology in order to improve their diesel oil?

“Power Rail GmbH will also use XBEE in the future. We do not have our own petrol station, so we load XBEE in 20-lt canisters onboard our locomotive. XBEE is not a dangerous good, so it does not pose a problem.

From now on, we also use XBEE in the locomotives of our second railway company: A.V.G. Ascherslebener Verkehrsgesellschaft. Therefore, we do recommend XBEE to other railway companies, based on our own very positive experience.”

Since August 2017, we have been using XBEE continuously in our own type BR218 diesel locomotive. In the past, we have always had problems with the quality of our diesel fuel, and in addition, with XBEE, we wanted to reduce our ongoing diesel fuel costs and maintenance.

Axel GassmannCEO

Power Rail GmbH

Magdeburg, Germany