Preventive maintenance and reduction of gas emissions of the BBTM fleet

Following the recommendation of Somara in Martinique, Benjamin Bon (CEO BBTM) decided to contact XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology and choose preventive maintenance.

Instead of waiting for contamination, and combustion problems; instead of waiting for overconsumption, he called on XBEE in April 2022. Decision to treat the fuel of the entire BBTM fleet was also largely motivated by the desire of the company to reduce its carbon footprint.

With his experience in the maritime environment, Benjamin Bon quickly observed, during each regulatory inspection of the tanks, the ability of XBEE to prevent biological contamination naturally caused by the use of diesel fuel. Indeed, the enzymes have made it possible to keep tanks and filters of the entire fleet clean month after month, regardless of the working conditions.

Thanks to this decision, Benjamin Bon Travaux Maritimes (BBTM) can boast of having reduced their CO2 emissions by 26 tons in 2022 and 39 tons in 2023.