The Mauna Kea motor barge uses XBEE in her Mitsubishi engine to eliminate black smoke

Eric de Raeve is the owner of the river transport boat Mauna Kea, based in Belgium. Following continuous problems with...
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Surface longliner reduces operations costs with XBEE, Spain

Justo Eijo is the owner of the fishing boat Siempre Bella Vista and has used XBEE since 2009. Her consumption...
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Agricultural tractors reduce diesel consumption with XBEE and increase power, France

Lionel Mesnage, agronomy consultant, recommends to farmers the use of XBEE in their off-road gasoil. Jean-Paul le Rall, from the...
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Somara tugs clean their engines with XBEE, Martinique

The fleet of the Martinican company Somara, reduces its maintenance costs thanks to XBEE fuel Gaëtan Cocaut, technical director of...
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Distribution of XBEE diesel and heating oil by Gasocentros Oil, Spain

Gasocentros Oil distributes XBEE fuels The commercial director of the oil company located in the Spanish region of Valedepeñas decided...
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NovaNam trawlers use XBEE diesel, Namibia

The company NovaNam, belonging to Nueva Pescanova group, treats its gasoil with XBEE Manuel Nuñez, Superintendent at NovaNam, explains the...
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