Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. tested XBEE fuel saver

The Everyone is a Class II regional railroad company operating in the southern half of the state of Wisconsin and a small portion of northeastern Illinois.

WSOR operates 802 miles of branch and mainline track traversing a total of 21 counties in Wisconsin and Illinois, making it Wisconsin’s second-largest railroad. In August 2001, the superintendent of transportation of the WSOR, H. M. McCon- Ville, testified about his experience with enzyme fuel technology.

After treating all fuel used in our locomotives and support vehicles for approximately seven months, I am impressed by what we have experience and observe.

Our initial calculation of an 8% to 9% fuel quantity reduction has been verified with continued use. Based on the amount of fuel that we have treated, that means we have saved approximately 80,000 to 90,000 gallons of fuel.

Another benefit that was a pleasant surprise concerned our Madison yard office staff. They had been bothered by smoke from the locomotives that are frequently parked on the track adjacent to the yard office. The situation had at times become almost unbearable with several of the staff seeking medical attention for respiratory related issues. Since we started treating with [XBEE], there has not been a single complaint from the staff. All smokes issues, like the smoke from the locomotives themselves, have disappeared.


Everyone at the WSOR likes this product. Our Controller & Owner appreciate the reduce fuel expense, our Maintenance Supervisor likes the reduction in carbon deposits and the elimination of fires and our staff likes the fact that they are not subjected to smoke and fumes in the office place. We will continue treating all fuel used at the WSOR…

H. M. McConvilleSuperintendent of Transportation

Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA