XBEE composition analysis by Veritas Petroleum Services (DNV – VPS)

VPS is considered as one of the world’s leading fuel testing companies, testing to ISO 8217, with full ISO 17025 accreditation.

The laboratory has also developed many proprietary additional tests which provide further fuel quality information, both pre-burn and post-burn, to further support their customers’ asset protection, human health and environmental compliance. As fuels continue to develop in order to achieve carbon-neutral/carbon-free status, Veritas Petroleum Services is committed to further innovative projects to provide testing and advisory solutions.

The results measured by the VPS laboratory clearly demonstrate that XBEE fuel treatment is a safe product, improving the quality of all fuels, whether they are in compliance with European regulations or American standards, and many more. XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology does not contain chemicals, biocides, alcohols, metals nor ashes.

It is interesting to note that this analysis has been performed ten years after the same was completed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in Norway. The laboratory was commissioned by Wärtsilä Finland Oy to analyze our enzyme fuel treatment to assess its safety in engines.