XBEE x EcoTree: supporting beekeepers and creating new colonies

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology partnered with EcoTree to help and preserve biodiversity

EcoTree is a sustainable forestry company that uses the proven method of financial incentive to help people and businesses alike turn their good intentions into tangible, climate-friendly actions. Its forests preserve the diversity of plant and animal life and contribute to the planet’s vital capture of CO2. The best bit: these projects grow in financial value over time. With EcoTree, businesses can grow and restore forests while investing in nature-based carbon capture.

One can also support ecosystems by funding one of EcoTree’s biodiversity projects, which aim to nurture natural habitats, from wetlands to beehives. In June 2021, XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology partnered up with EcoTree to support biodiversity by financing three beehives in the Kerautret forest, with plans to sponsor more in the future.

80% of pollination worldwide is done by bees, and most of our food comes from crops that were pollinated by them. Unfortunately, bee populations are shrinking, mainly due to habitat loss and pesticides. By sponsoring beehives, XBEE is supporting beekeepers and helping create new colonies with rich, biodiverse ecosystems where bees can thrive.

The beehives will be located in EcoTree’s Kerautret forest, near Plouray in Bretagne, which is actually the region that XBEE’s founders hail from.

Want to learn more about EcoTree? Check out the website or watch one of its foresters explain how the company works here.