Hydelec Antananarivo used XBEE diesel saver to reduce fuel consumption

Georges Rakotomanga started to use XBEE diesel saver in the electric power plant of Ambohimanambola in July 2008.

This power plant is managed by Hydelec Madagascar, a Malagasy corporation created in 1999 to research and implement to produce hydraulic, thermal, and wind-generated energy.

Power plant technical specifications:

  • Engines and control room → 9 MTU generators amounting to 1,760 kW with 9 control boards, one board common to the different auxiliary engines.
  • Underground electric lines.
  • Access.
  • Main storage tank (capacity of 160,000 liters of diesel oil) and a daily tank of 4,500 litres.

This power plant is located in the eastern suburbs of Antananarivo. The main purpose of this plant is to provide power to the Jirama power stations to meet peak demand in Antananarivo’s interconnected power grid.

It is an auxiliary plant that operates only for about 4 hours per day.

After a few months of regular use of the XBEE Enzyme Fuel technology, Mr. Rakotomonga has been able to observe a +17.73% improvement in generator efficiency.
Max power (kW)
SFOC (g/kWh)

The use of the product has contributed greatly to the improvement of the condition of our units:

  • Ease of start-up
  • Significant reduction in consumption despite long hours of operation
  • Normal exhaust smoke
  • Reduction of vibrations and noise
  • Reduction of injector wear
Georges RakotomangaTechnical Director