Maxoil Petroleum gas stations, Spain

Maxoil Petroleum SL has a network of service stations in major cities in Spain, selling fuel 24 hours a day in attended service and autofuel.

In August 2019 Juan Manea, the manager of the Maxoil Petroleum gas stations, took the decision to use the XBEE engine cleaner in fuels marketed by Maxoil.

In addition to maintaining clean gas station facilities such as tanks, pumps and hoses, XBEE offers to the end user:

  • A cleaner Premium quality fuel.
  • A more complete combustion resulting in lower polluting emissions.
  • Better performances which gener ate fuels savings at each and every fill up.

In 2019 Juan Manea, manager of MAXOIL Petroleum gas stations, took the decision to use XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology in fuels marketed by MAXOIL.

If you wish to reduce your energy cost, do not hesitate, choose MAXOIL. MAXOIL is your gas station. Filling up in MAXOIL gives you a lot of benefits; the new fuel incorporating XBEE fuel additive reduce contaminating emissions, keep your engine clean and improve consumption.

XBEE is a high quality fuel additive which protects your car engine. Apply for your clubcard and get great discounts. MAXOIL gas stations are opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. At MAXOIL, Filling up means Saving up.

Juan ManeaGeneral Manager

Maxoil Petroleum

Madrid, Spain