Petrol Station Amand, France – Fuel treatment for cars

Petrol Station Amand uses XBEE fuel treatment for cars.

Petrol Station Amand has a long and successful history; certainly, it began supplying fuel more than 67 years ago in the French commune of Thury Harcourt. The family business incorporated the service of repair and sale of cars throughout its outstanding career. Today, Garage AMAND is a company with regional prestige, based on its excellent services.

In December 2005, the Garage Amand gas station turned to XBEE to replace fuels, with the aim of offering the best quality of service. In fact, it updated the colors of its service station, which had previously belonged to Shell.

Today, all SP95, SP98 gasoline and B7 diesel use XBEE diesel fuel treatment.

After the first year, XBEE diesel fuel accounts for more than 60% of the diesel distributed. Amand Station works in partnership with XBEE to ensure maximum efficiency and quality in the fuels they supply. In addition to protecting the engine, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Our concerns with regards to the environment have never been stronger, and XBEE is therefore an alternative for fuel which is cleaner and more effective; an alternative which saves money and benefits the environment.

We are also noticing that the maintenance of a car which uses XBEE is less costly, as XBEE protects your vehicle’s engine by cleaning its fuel injection system naturally.

Fabrice AmandOwner

Petrol Station Amand

Thury-Harcourt, France