Surface longliner reduces operations costs with XBEE, Spain

Justo Eijo is the owner of the fishing boat Siempre Bella Vista and has used XBEE since 2009.

Her consumption of filters has been considerably reduced after the first year of treatment, as have been reduced all her maintenance costs.
Moreover, her fuel consumption has dropped by 70 to 80 litres per day, that is 4 to 6% reduction!

Caterpillar 705 HP 1200 rpm engine uses XBEE diesel tank treatment

Main engine of the ship Siempre Bella Vista
  1. Daily fuel consumption, which used to be around 1,300 liters/day, now averages 1,200 liters.
  2. The main engine, which now has about 90,000 hours, is free of carbon and dirt.
  3. The ship emits cleaner gases.
  4. The excellent operating conditions have made it possible to extend the time between two engine overhauls, which also represents a significant saving.
Fuel consumption is reduced by 7.69%

“We have been using XBEE for 13 years […] The quantity of filters we used to consume before during one trip is our yearly consumption now.


We consume less, that’s guaranteed! Our ship used to consume about 1,250 litres per day. Now we don’t even get to 1,200: 1,180; 1,190; 1,170 depending on the captain. So we are saving at least 70 to 80 litres every day!”

Justo Eijo, General Manager of Nuestra Señora del Mar

“Every time we had to service the engine, we used to spend a lot of time cleaning the covers, the rocker arms, everything. We were wasting a lot of time; it was incredibly dirty. Since we started using the product, as you could notice in the video, it is a marvel. The product is really wonderful.”

Renato Jorge Peixoto Vieira, Chief Engineer of the Siempre Bella Vista

Vigo, Spain