The Mauna Kea motor barge uses XBEE in her Mitsubishi engine to eliminate black smoke

Eric de Raeve is the owner of the river transport boat Mauna Kea, based in Belgium. Following continuous problems with due to emissions of black particles at the exhaust, he asked his engine manufacturer for advice.

Koedood / Mitsubishi in the Netherlands invite their customers to use XBEE to clean engines and reduce pollution and fuel consumption. After a few weeks of treatment of her diesel fuel, the engine and exhaust were cleaned and the deck of the boat now also remains clean.

In order to reduce his fuel consumption, like many of his colleagues, Eric de Raeve had to reduce the speed of his boat, which is done by reducing the engine load. Therefore, the Mitsubishi engine of the Mauna Kea motor barge began to generate black soot, exhaust dust that was deposited everywhere on the deck.

Following the advice of his engine manufacturer, Eric de Raeve treated his fuel with XBEE and the additive naturally solved his problems:

Here before, it was always black with engine soot, especially when it was raining. And now, as you can observe, everything always remains clean.

So personally: I am 100% satisfied!


I recommend this product to everyone, not only to ship owners, but to everyone.

Eric de RaeveOwner and operator

Mauna Kea

Visé, Belgium