Somara clean up their tugboats engines with XBEE, Martinique

The fleet of the Martinican company Somara, reduces its maintenance costs thanks to XBEE fuel.

Gaëtan Cocaut, technical director of Somara, and Marc Haustant, chief engineer on board the M/T Steady tug, explain why they chose to trust XBEE technology to clean their diesel and reduce their consumption of fuel filters. Later, they also found that the exhaust fumes were significantly reduced and the consumption had begun to decrease.

Following a diesel contamination problem on one of our vessels in 2021, we contacted XBEE. We first tried the XBEE product on two vessels, the Chieftan and the Steady, and were very satisfied with the results.


In addition to an improvement in the quality of the diesel fuel, we have noticed a longer filter change replacements intervals, as an improvement in the quality of the exhaust fumes. Finally, there has been a slight improvement in the consumption of the vessels.

Although this is very recent feedback, we are already thinking of extending the use of XBEE to all vessels in the fleet. It appears that the product helps to reduce fine particle and greenhouse gas emissions. It is in this perspective of protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint that we wish to continue using XBEE.

Gaëtan CocautTechnical Director


Fort-de-France, Martinique (France)