French ferry reduces both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption on a diesel generator

As part of its ongoing research into technological advances that reduce airborne emissions, a maritime company in charge of operating...
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ChangeXL powered by XBEE reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

In February 2018, the Dutch fuel supplier FinCo Fuel introduces a new fuel called ChangeXL powered by XBEE.
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Somara clean up their tugboats engines with XBEE, Martinique

The fleet of the Martinican company Somara, reduces its maintenance costs thanks to XBEE fuel.
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NovaNam trawlers use XBEE diesel to reduce pollution

The company NovaNam, belonging to Nueva Pescanova group, treat their gasoil with XBEE.
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A fleet of offshore supply vessels choose XBEE fuels to eliminate problems and reduce consumption

Glomar Offshore has been using XBEE fuel since 2018 to prevent contamination, to clean up their tanks and fuel filter,...
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